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On line training FAQ

1. Why do we need on-line training?

On line training lets workers undertake training in their own time or at work, rather than in a classroom setting.

2. Can I get assistance?

We are available to assist be email or Whatsapp. We endeavour to reply within 24 hours

3. How do I go back through the PowerPoint?

Use your browser 'BACK' button or the screen 'BACK' button

4. My course is asking for a photograph – why?

Some organisations want to see that the person carrying the certificate is the person named on it. Though not foolproof, it is a more secure means of identification

5. What happens if I fail?

We will allow you to revisit the course and resubmit the answer paper after reviewing your answers.

6. My question isn't here

Please email your question. We will answer you directly and add it to the FAQ page